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We believe in digital ecosystems

We help you deliver financial services tailored to your client.

fin|economy is the leading ecosystem for technology-driven B2B business models.

fin|economy is a company builder, rather than just a financial investor. We specialize in the B2B segment, as an ideal partner for insurance companies, banks, independent financial distributors, wealth managers and fintechs.

At fin|economy, long-term industry expertise, excellent IT capabilities and operational excellence come together. Our focused approach allows us to significantly increase the success rate of new ventures. This clearly differentiates us from other ‘startup factories’ and early-stage financial investors.

Together, we will fundamentally change how we experience financial services in the future.


We primarily focus on Personal Finance, Wealth Management, Regtech and Insurtech. We believe in data- and technology-driven business models.


Our strategic focus is on software-as-a-service business models. We believe in disruptive business models as well as in evolving existing ones. We actively seek cooperation with banks, insurers and other established providers.


For all of our ventures, state-of-the-art technology is an integral feature of the business model.

Regulatory compliance

Regulatory compliance is indispensable and of utmost importance. Our ventures benefit from our comprehensive and longstanding expertise.

Experience meets talent

We are an attractive talent pool – not only for agile high potentials, but also experienced entrepreneurs and seasoned industry experts.


We only support business models that we believe have the potential for long-term sustainable and profitable development. We do not found ventures only to sell them straightaway.

Our team

Six of more than 60 fin|economy heads:

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